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Use heat to manage joint stiffness and pain from arthritis

Hold a hot cup to reduce finger joint pain

Unfortunately stiff, aching joints and pain from arthritis become common as we get older. Medicines can work well to reduce the discomfort, but using heat can also help to free up those joints, reduce pain and get you moving again.

Here are some simple ways to use heat to manage joint pain

Take a long and very warm shower first thing in the morning.

Enjoy a relaxed soak in a bath or spa.

Use heat pads or hot water bottle on problem areas for 15 - 20 minutes.

Rub affected areas with a gently warming body rub. Products that contain capsaicin are best at offering temporary pain relief.

Hold a warm cup of coffee or tea to soothe aching finger joints.

Turn on your electric blanket for half an hour before you get out of bed.


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