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We love hearing how PROphysio is helping our customers. Here are some of the things they are saying (100% in their words!).


Alison, Physiotherapist

"PROphysio Muscle Rub Cream has been used in my physiotherapy clinic over the last three years. We have found it fantastic to use. It is very kind on our hands which is really important as we are using it all day. The consistency of the cream is great. It does not just soak into the skin like other creams we have previously used, but it still allows us to maintain good pressure over smaller areas, or get deeper into the soft tissue as may be necessary.It has a pleasant smell also which means we are comfortable using it on all of our patients knowing they will not leave smelling like a rugby changing room!"

Dale, Adventurer

"Having recently returned from Base Camp Everest I can recommend your product. On my return I had sore feet tendons, ankles & knee's. I received a tub of PROphysio via the NZ Masters tournament. After 3 days applying it the problems have all but disappeared. My 40 minute walk each morning is now something I look forward to. Well done it is way better than the normal brand I have been using."

Colleen, Therapist

"Prophysio is the best anti inflammatory rub I have ever used.  An application 3 times a day totally manages inflammatory pain in my lumbar region, hips and legs caused by age related spinal stenosis affecting the sciatic nerve."


"About 2 months ago I was introduced to your product by my chemist, up to that point I had been using Antiflamme. The Chemist suggested I try PROphysio. as last year I had been nursing my husband and had hurt my back, my Hip and knee. It is marvelous I used to get up so stiff I could hardly straighten my knee, but now a gentle massage with your product has helped immensely, the fact that it helps joints as well as muscle strain, I find really helpful.”


"Skin Shield sponsored the NZ Underwater Hockey teams travelling to Spain for the World Age Group Championships in August 2016. They supplied every player and coach for all four teams with their PROphysio product. The players played everyday for two weeks and needed to be at the top of their game right through to finals day. The feedback from the players was that the PROphysio gave a soothing, re-energising and very warm feeling for their tired muscles."